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On the Bench…

29 June 2010


Type G Trade Rifle

This is a Trade Rifle that was common on the American Frontier.  These rifles were quickly and economically constructed by the English as tools to trade with the Native Americans.  They were typically painted with solid colors like blue or red but they were sometimes painted with vines, polka dots or other patterns.  I made this piece made from a set of parts by Jack Brooks.  The Beech stock is pre-carved and the lock was assembled from trade lock parts out of the kit.  The barrel is a 12 gauge smooth bore octagon to round Getz barrel.




Lebanon Smooth Rifle

This is another smooth rifle that I am building using the architecture and styling similar to J.P. Beck.  This rifle is contemporarily known as a “Ladies’ Rifle” or “Boy’s Rifle” that is made approximately 7/8 scale to fit the frame of a smaller person more appropriately.  The 22 gauge smooth barrel is a custom Getz octagon to round with a wedding band transition.  The lock is a small Siler Flintlock from Jim Chambers.  The stock is custom carved, quartersawn curly sugar maple.  The angle of the curl in the buttstock is the result of sawing the stock out of the stump of the tree.



Scottish Powder Flask

I am designing and building this piece after surviving examples that were produced in Scotland between 1680 and 1730.  This horn has been flattened to 1″ thick and is 13″ around the outer curve.  Like the antiques, the tip is poured pewter.

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