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The Duke of Blue Merle

18 September 2012

This is another Scottish flat horn that I made while referencing a piece in “The Swords and the Sorrows“.  The piece that I referenced for the majority of the architecture was a war trophy taken at the Battle of Culloden (1746) and later owned by the Duke of Atholl.  The Blue Merle pattern in the horn was so striking that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a simple flat horn to show off the horn’s natural colors.  I used holly for the end of the horn because the original scottish flat horns extensively used holly and bog wood – I also wanted stray into a realm that an astute woodworker “wood” appreciate (sorry for all the puns, sometimes I just can’t help myself).  The striations of the grain in the holly similarly match the striations in the spout of the horn.   I really think it is neat piece that stands squarely on strong architecture and subtle dimesion.

  • Length on outside of curve: 9″
  • Pressed thickness: 1″
  • Materials: holly end and pegs, poplar stopper, cow horn
  • Impartial to left or right dress.